The bitcoin is accepted every day by more companies and people for their transactions, because it is a new currency there is a lot of instability in the price of this currency, that doesn't mean that it is something bad, only that it is something difficult to predict this currency, because for many it is like winning the lottery, maybe one day they will buy BTC at a reasonable price and the next day they will increase its price by 15% or the same can happen to us the other side of the currency, that this one descends of price, at the moment it is expected that the BTC arrives at $100,000 pesos MXN by the end of the year, Many unlucky users have had their price drop, but with the BTC it is a game of much patience to recover the money invested and make a profit, at least for those who use this currency as a savings, many others use it to buy and sell taking advantage of those moments when the BTC goes down or up, the BTC is a currency that is taking a lot of ground because it is an international currency, maybe in the future apart from having our own currency, you can also use the BTC for many of our regular purchases.

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